SFS 000 – Introducing Superfood Secrets

Welcome to Superfood Secrets, with Iris Huebler. This podcast is everything you ever wanted to know and didn’t dare to ask about choosing, growing and eating super fresh superfoods.

Imagine you could have a totally new approach to food! We are what we eat and we should make healthy choices every single day. However we live life on the go and we are busy.

Perfect choices are not always possible. You might not be as fit as you would like to be, perhaps you are more sick and tired than you should be, and more importantly you might worry about your children.

This weekly show of less than 20 minutes will help you choose, grow and eat superfoods. It will be a mixture of guest experts from around the world, home kitchen advice, a monthly Q & A session as well as our resident gardener Colin here once a month answering questions about growing and gardening.

What you will learn in this podcast series:

  • Why you might hear some animal sounds in the background!
  • Why the food you feed your children can have a big impact on their health (colds, flus, allergies, weight) and development
  • How food impacts the attitude of family members, including children.
  • Why nutrition is important for every generation: children, parents and grandparents
  • How we will address the seriousness and importance of food while still having fun with it
  • What superfoods are, what options you have got and strategies to put in place to overcome obstacles to eating superfoods
  • Why you need to understand the growing of food even if you are going to buy them from the farmer’s market instead of growing them yourself
  • Our journey of becoming eco-friendly and healthy, and the significant event in 2009 that changed our lives
  • What I have learned about superfoods since helping other people and working with health coaches

Imagine you know exactly what is in your food, where it came from, how it was grown and what the impact on the environment was so that you can have trust in your food again and feel good about your choices. Imagine you have far less visits to the doctor and you can spend your money at the grocery store rather than at medical centers.

Food can bring families together. Superfood is great for everyone, independent of the diet. You can make amazing meals everybody can enjoy together.

Did you enjoy this episode? Would you like more superfood tips while on the go?