Salads in a Jar – a super lunch solution

Salads in a jar have become really popular in recent years – for very good reasons:

  • No mess:
    The seals are designed to be airtight, so you don’t end up with a mess in your bag, even if the glass doesn’t stand upright.
  • Very easy cleaning:
    Just pop them in dishwasher after use, they don’t stain like plastic.
  • Healthy glass:
    Although glass is heavy and can break, it is still the best and healthiest transport solution. We don’t take our lunches on obstacle courses – usually it’s straight from the kitchen, into the car and onto the lunch table (even if your lunch table is your lap).
  • Environmentally friendly:
    You can reuse glass many times, which justifies its production process.
  • Portion control:
    It gives you a good indication how much you have eaten.
  • Cheap:
    You can buy purpose built lunch jars, even fancy ones with a dressing container in the lid OR just re-use a glass jars you purchased from the shop, e.g. an empty sauerkraut jar (or collect one from your neighbour, or a second hand shop). Or buy an inexpensive set of preserving jars to have one jar in the dishwasher, keep several pre-filled in the fridge and have one for each family member.
  • Design options:
    You can personalize your jar with the lid colour or happy stickers or write and draw on them with a permanent pen. This is important if you fill several different jars for different family members.
  • Brilliantly versatile:
    Sweet or savory,
    meat or vegetarian,
    western or eastern – or any other special cuisine,
    gluten free, dairy free or any other dietary specialty,
    and you could even take a soup and carefully re-heat it in a water bath.